Window Shopping

College students actively participate in the local community by visiting local merchants and exploring the world around your campus. They enjoy freedom and flexibility by choosing when and where to spend time and money.

Over 75% of student expenditures occur off campus. Off Campus Solutions provides you with access to new, 100 percent margin revenue by implementing an off campus program facilitating additional dining and convenience choices. Expanding your existing program to increase student and parent satisfaction, voluntary participation, and overall deposits results in higher card usage on campus and for every aspect of campus life.

Ideas and Innovations on how to use Off Campus Solutions:

  • Add new voluntary prepaid plans and/or enhance existing meal plans
    • Commuter
    • Part Time Student
  • Add new summer program options to include off campus merchants
    • Camp and conference dining alternative
  • Opportunity to modify on campus operating hours where student
    participation is low due to off campus and delivery availability
  • Many more…

Total Collegiate Dining Market

Convenience is the key driver of consumer behavior and facilitates where one spends time and money. Source: CLARITAS

Partner with OCS to provide a comprehensive solution to your campus community:

  • Build off campus capabilities without any capital investment
  • Carry zero financial risk for the program
  • Draw on our extensive experience in the industry
  • Avoid hiring additional staff to support off campus functions
  • Access exclusive contracts with national chains, local and regional favorites
  • Ensure compliance with new State and Federal regulations
  • Help support on campus management team members responsible for commerce programs
  • Provide marketing design support and overall program marketing expertise

The World Outside Your Walls Is Within Your Reach

The truth about college students is that they don't do all their living on campus. They like to explore the world around them. They like to go out to eat, drink and play away from the campus. They like freedom to choose how and where to spend their money.

For today's colleges and universities, off campus commerce programs are no longer an elective. They're a pre-requisite. Hundreds of the nation's top colleges and universities have implemented off campus programs and industry experts predict 50% adoption in the next five years.

Off Campus Solutions (OCS) enhances the suite of student services you provide by creating a customized program that allows students, faculty and staff to spend their flex spending program at local restaurants and merchants off campus. The result? Happier students and parents, higher meal plan revenues, and a more enriching experience for everyone involved.

Improve Campus Life

Meet the Unique Needs of Your Campus

According to a recent report by the Society for College and University Planning,
students in public colleges are now taking an average of 6.2 years to graduate, instead of the traditional four years. Their private college counterparts are taking slightly less time graduating in 5.3 years. Overall, this presents many unexplored opportunities for campus dining services to meet the unique needs of these students including modified meal plans, off campus dining alternatives and convenience stores.

Partner With OCS and Gain Advantages On and Off Campus

Increase Campus Revenue

Give Your School Energized Earning Power

Today’s students have access to the largest pool of discretionary dollars in history, and currently, over 75% of student expenditures occur off campus. Instead of relinquishing this revenue, you can tap into this profit source by implementing a flex spending program that allows for additional dining and convenience choices. Expanding your flex spending program increases student and parent satisfaction, pushes meal plan involvement higher and increases overall deposits. This growth leads to increased card usage in every aspect of campus life, resulting in higher revenue across the board.

Energize your Institution’s Flexible Spending Program with Off Campus Solutions (OCS)

Enhance your campus commerce program permitting students, faculty and staff to spend funds with local merchants approved by your Institution.

The Result?

  • Increased student, parent/guardian, faculty and staff satisfaction
  • Assist parents and students by helping to control spending and the products available to purchase
  • Increase revenue for your campus
  • Increase student participation and spending on and off campus
  • Increase student safety
  • Increase student retention and providing an overall, enriched experience

Take Your Card Off Campus

OCS Makes Off Campus Expansion Easy

Partnering with OCS will give you access to an existing and proven infrastructure, robust technology and manpower, as well as an extensive merchant network. As a fully outsourced and customized solution, we meet the needs of your students, faculty, and your staff by:

  • Working with your team to identify ideal local partners, thereby keeping you in complete control over the types of merchants that participate.
  • Creating a powerful, professional marketing campaign to encourage student, faculty and staff participation. - that will not only benefit the off campus program but will also help you build your suite of on campus services.
  • Managing the program launch logistics using your own campus card system.
  • Providing full technical integration, customer/merchant support and transaction processing.

OCS Offers a High Touch Approach

  • Account management that is individualized and focused on your campus to actively support your campus commerce efforts.
  • Strategic market planning of executable efforts aimed at building enrollments, enhancing usage, and retaining program participants.
  • Creative services develop and customize logos, marketing materials, and awareness generators for your program with state of the art hardware and software.
  • Customer service offers a comprehensive solution in support of merchants, participants, and campuses.
  • Partner relationships enhance program value with the ability to co-market with local and national merchants.
  • Realize opportunities to increase the economic viability of all campus constituents in the surrounding community.